Thrilling insights unveiled in 3-day Word diet with Pastor Chris.

Profound revelations came to the limelight in the just concluded 'Your Loveworld Specials' with Pastor Chris (Season VI Phase III). The 3-day word diet which was relayed to a teeming global audience from Wednesday, October 12th to Friday, October 14th was a rich compendium of earnest prayers, sonorous worship, and the unraveling of diverse biblical doctrines and parallels.

The President of LoveWorld Inc., Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome in the fullness of the Spirit expounded amazing truths including the knowledge that God's saints are custodians of His righteousness, truth, and peace. He thus admonished God’s people to take advantage of their God-given rights and proclaim God’s peace all around them.

A further exegesis on the ability of God's children to stand in the matchless name of Jesus Christ to cast out unclean and evil spirits alike brought the 3-day event to a rousing crescendo. The global audience, filled with palpable joy, was poised to put into action all they had learned from the man of God.

Featured in each episode of this epochal event were enlightening documentaries which exposed the cunning deceptions enshrined in 'symbolisms', 'the fraud of climate change' and several global happenings.