Pastor Chris provides lucid and spiritually enlightening answers to questions in Q & A segment.

The man of God, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, warmly welcomed studio guests, and the global audience connected online and via terrestrial TV stations, to the September Global Communion Service. He congratulated everyone participating from all around the world, for being part of the blissful service.

He proceeded with the special Question and Answer segment. With him on set, to answer questions sent from various parts of the world, were two highly esteemed members of the CEC, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan and Reverend Ken Oyakhilome. A number of questions were lucidly answered during this segment. One of such questions was sent by Elijah from Mozambique - "At the second coming of Christ, will Christians be the only ones on earth?" Answering this question, the panel explained that Christians would have been caught up in rapture prior to Christ’s second coming, and those that missed the rapture will remain in the earth to face the great tribulation. Explaining further, Pastor Chris posited that, the saints will return to the earth with the Lord at His second coming, to begin His millennial reign in the earth. The Lord's return with His saints, will end the great tribulation. This means that Christians coming with the Lord in His second advent, will meet the people that were left on earth at the rapture, Pastor Chris clarified.